What are people saying?

---“ I was blown away by the intensity of the story… one of the most unique memoirs I had ever read… the most entertaining as well. The narrative was magical…a brilliant and moving story that had me hooked until the end.”

             ---- Rabia Tanveer, Readers’ Favorites - five stars

---“A simple letter catapults Herman into a life-defining adventure for which he was unprepared. How he deals with his predicament will capture your soul ...positively engaging, as only a few written works are capable. Herman’s story is heartwarming, at times humorous, exciting, chilling …”

            --- Emmett Henderson, Lieutenant Commander (Ret). - five stars

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---- I truly enjoyed your manuscript, "A Super Read".

            ---Al Konetzni, Vice Admiral (USN-Ret.), Woodbine, Georgia

….The Unopened Letter by R.W. Herman not only deserves a rightful place in the annals of epistolary fiction but in the archives of the Center for American War Letters. As one of the 27 million young men who chose to answer the call of duty, Herman’s epistolary account is an invaluable record of the service and dedication of a young American, who, at a crucial turning point in his life, has made a difference in his own humble way. Herman’s accomplishment is not about depicting the horrors of war, but to make the men of his generation and this present generation understand that the war that did not meet expectations is never lost in vain. It allowed young men like him to grow wiser from the experience. A precious insight into a wartime account, this book is a must-read for anyone who has served this free country."

            --- Vincent Dublado for Readers' Favorite-- Five Stars

 ---"Amazing Book!  I couldn't put it down.  It has brought back so many wonderful memories of my own service in the Navy.  Your work is truly beautiful and I thank you for sharing.  When is the next one?  I want more!!"

            ---Keith Post, Retired Navy, Executive Director St. Mary's Submarine Museum St. Mary's Georgia.

 ---"Great Book!!!  No doubt this four year period of his life prepared Rich Herman to be the man and great leader he became and is today.  I am recommending it to all my friends and look forward to your next one."

            ---Doctor Thomas C. Whitesell, Jr. St. Mary's, Georgia

---"The way my dad describes boot camp and life onboard a Navy ship transported me back to my own adventures.  I think anyone who has ever served in the military, or known someone who served, will enjoy reading a version of life in the 60's we might have otherwise never known."

            ---Scott Herman, U.S. Navy Veteran, Minneapolis, Minnesota

--"Great read.  You got into more trouble than I ever imagined.  I truly enjoyed it and thank you for the opportunity to preview your work."

            ---Jeff Williams, U.S. Air Force Veteran, Orlando, Florida

---"What a Great Book. Thank you for putting this part of your life into written words that I can share with my girls."

            ---Christopher Herman, Retired U.S. Navy, Aiea, Hawaii   


 ---- "Fantastic.  Your book kept me looking forward to every new chapter.  This is such an amazing gift you have given us to share about your first years in the Navy.  I laughed, I cried and I can't wait to read your next one!!!"

            ---Jackie Irene, Hamel, Minnesota

“R.W. Herman brings the Vietnam-era Navy to your doorstep. As a fellow mustang officer, I can say this book is a must-read for all history lovers. Buy two, then give one to a veteran.”

--- J.R. Sharp, CDR - Ret, award-winning author of Feeding the Enemy series

---- As I read this book I feel as though I am in a room with you and I can hear your voice telling me your story.  I definitely look forward to hearing more.

            ---Jennifer Helgeson, DoD Recruitment Coordinator, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Phoenix Arizona

…The year was 1965 during the Vietnam War Era. Rather than serve his time in the Army, he enlisted in the Navy for a four-year stint. The Unopened Letter is about the experiences that RW Herman went through as a young man who made a commitment to the United States Military at the age of nineteen… Readers will relish this first-rate story about a young man who was at a crossroads in his life….The Unopened Letter is written in the style of a fiction novel that includes letters written by Herman to his parents throughout the time that he spent in the Navy.  ....... The Unopened Letter is an exceptional story of a young man’s military journey from enlistment to honorable discharge.”

                                             ---Dianne Woodman for Bestsellers World

“… After a difficult home life that manifested in difficulties at school, Rich Herman receives a letter that he knew was coming following his dropping out of college. The Vietnam Draft Notice remained in its envelope and Herman made the decision to enlist in the Navy, allowing him the opportunity to serve in a manner he felt more suited to…Herman offers an interesting and different vantage point of the Vietnam era in The Unopened Letter. ....

                                                 --- Asher Syed for Readers’ Favorite—Five Stars

 --- "I absolutely loved this book.  A remarkable story, fun to read and full of information.  I don't consider myself much of a reader and now I find myself anxiously awaiting the next one."

                                               ---Donald Wilder, Fernandina Beach, Florida.