R. W. Herman

     Commander R.W. Herman (USN-Ret.) was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. While attending the University of Minnesota in 1965, he received his draft notice and chose to enter the United States Navy for four years, three of which were spent on the USS Cambria (APA-36). Two years after his return, he reentered the service and continued a career spanning over thirty years.

    Following ten years of enlisted service, he was commissioned through the Limited Duty Officer Program in 1979. He was the senior submarine communications officer in the Navy at retirement, having led the silent service into the twenty-first century maintaining connectivity superiority. He and his wife now reside in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

RW Herman Kneeling in glasses.jpg


"The Navy has both a tradition and a future - and we look with pride and confidence in both directions".

Admiral George Anderson