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RW Herman Kneeling in glasses.jpg

Boot Camp - Author, kneeling (r)

Commissioning Picture 04-1979.jpg

                Ensign R W Herman

Commissioning Picture April 2, 1979

CDR Herman Retirement Salute.jpg

Retirement Ceremony July 18, 1997

Piped Over the Side

Sideboys: STS1(SS) C. Herman, Captain Bill Large, Captain Ron Mathieu

Sidegirl: CDR Betsy Bird

Retirement Shadowbox  Career History.JPEG

Retirement Shadowbox

U.S. Navy Career

Chris Boot Camp 08-1990_edited.jpg
Christopher C. Herman
Boot Camp
August, 1990
Scott Bootcamp 11-1991.jpg
Scott A. Herman
Boot Camp
November, 1991
Clayton and Angeline Herman Wedding 07-30-1939 Geo. and Mildred Norton Attending.jpg
Clayton and Angeline Herman
Wedding July 30, 1939
George and Mildred Norton
L-R Jackie, Marlys, Louie, Richie 1951.jpg
L-R: Jackie, Marlys, Louie, Author
Childhood Home 1951-1963 2211 Pierce ST. N.E. Mpls. Mn..jpg
3219 Buchanan St. N.E. Mpls. Mn..jpg
Childhood Homes
Minneapolis, Minnesota
3219 Buchanan St. N.E. (1963- 1970)  
   2211 Pierce St. N.E (1951-1963)  
FAPA2023 Wait is over.jpeg
Kathy and Author
Second FAPA Gold Medal
Our Last Private Place.JPEG
Our Final Private Spot
Yulee, Fl.
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