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The Unopened Letter

by  RW Herman

How one unopened piece of mail affected one of 27 million American men and their families.

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During the mid-nineteen sixties, millions of American men faced a difficult choice, one which would affect their lives forever.  Why?   I’ll sum it up in one word, Vietnam.  For more than 50 years, most of us have

heard, seen, and read thousands of stories about this period.  We’ve all heard the pros and cons of our country’s actions.  We know about the battles fought, the heroes and villains involved. Maybe most important, we are still living the effect it had on the American people.  But, have we ever given thought as to how these men made their choices?


"Day is done, gone the sun from the lakes,

from the hills, from the sky,

all is well, safely rest, God is near."

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