"RW Herman has done it again...vividly and intimately sharing the good, the bad and the ugly...a remarkable and truly unique career in service to our navy and nation.  BRAVO ZULU"

-Keith Post, (USN-Ret. Submariner)

Against the Current in the Silent Service

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A close friend said I would be selfish not to write the sequel to The Unopened Letter and I am excited to announce I agreed and have done just that.  So, just why do they call me "The Commander"?  With the encouragement of my family and friends, I have opened my heart and bared my soul to the reader in this memoir of my naval career.  But what makes my story unique?  I achieve a goal and get commissioned a naval officer assigned to the finest fighting element of the Navy, the submarine force, with one major cross to bear--I'm not qualified in submarines.  Immediately rejected and told my career is over, a life defining decision must be made.  Share the adventure with me; the highs and lows, the laughs and the tears, the failures and successes as I navigate the waters--

Against the Current in the Silent Service.


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"Ninety percent of you volunteered for Vietnam.  We will carry out our very important role in that mission here.

Commanding Officer USS Cambria

April 1967

RW's Award Winning Debut Memoir 

  "I was blown away by the intensity of the story..one of the most unique memoirs I have ever read...most entertaining as well...a briliant and moving story that had me hooked to the end."

--- Rabia Tanveer, Readers' Favorites



If I'm asked what I did to make my life worthwhile, I can say with pride and satisfaction: "I served in the United States Navy".  --JFKennedy

LAUNCHES November 5, 2022

Thanks to Keith Post, Director St. Mary's, Ga.  Submarine Museum for allowing me access to the museum archives to find the cover photo.  Do you think you recognize the submarine? Enter to win an autographed copy of my book. This submarine has a special meaning to me which the reader will discover in my book.

Many people helped make this book possible.  A special thanks to Vice Admiral "Big Al" Konetzni for his review, support to publish some of our stories we share and most of all his friendship for nearly 40 years. 

I hope to see you at one of the upcoming events!!!

Presenting the Cover