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Because Mom Asked


The Trilogy is Complete

The power of a cup half full

The final memoir of award-winning author R W Herman's remarkable series will tell you 'The Rest of the Story.'

His life before the Navy, his years between active-duty assignments and his adventures since retirement all revealed in one explosive book of one man's extraordinary journey through life. 

FAPA 2021 GOLD Medal and Readers Favorite 5-Star Awards.JPEG

RW's Award Winning Debut Memoir 

A simple letter catapults R W Herman into a life-defining adventure for which he was unprepared. How he deals with his predicament will capture your soul and cause you to compare his experiences with your own...positively engaging, as only a few written works are capable. Herman's story is heartwarming, at times humorous, exciting, chilling...

     --Emmett Henderson, Lieutenant Commander (USN-R)

RW's Memoir Expanded

A young Navy enlisted man achieves a dream of becoming a commissioned officer, only to be assigned to the most prestigious fighting force in the world, the U. S. Submarine Force. Not qualified in submarines, he must fight for acceptance at every command as he tries to find a place in the "Silent Service" and in the brotherhood of submariners. 


At the end of the day,
I love to read what the author in me has written and
enjoy the satisfaction it brings.
--R W Herman


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