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Against the Current in the
Silent Service

is being heralded as the book you must read.

A wonderful story of travel through life and one person's ability to see some doors close while other opportunities arise.
A young Navy enlisted man achieves a dream of becoming a commissioned officer, only to be assigned to the United States Submarine Service:  one major obstacle, he is not qualified in submarines.  Follow R.W. Herman as he refuses defeat and draws upon inner strength, self-confidence and moral integrity to take a stand "against the current" of the most prestigious fighting force in the world, the Silent Service, fighting for acceptance and a place in the brotherhood of submariners.  A great read for all ages: military and civilian; young people to learn the importance of fortitude, humility, character; the well-established military and civilian leaders to learn the importance of recognizing and accepting individuals for who they are, not who you think they should be.    


FAPA 2021 GOLD Medal and Readers Favorite 5-Star Awards.JPEG


"Ninety percent of you volunteered for Vietnam.  We will carry out our very important role in that mission here.

Commanding Officer USS Cambria

April 1967

RW's Award Winning Debut Memoir 

  "I was blown away by the intensity of the of the most unique memoirs I have ever read...most entertaining as well...a briliant and moving story that had me hooked to the end."

--- Rabia Tanveer, Readers' Favorites



If I'm asked what I did to make my life worthwhile, I can say with pride and satisfaction: "I served in the United States Navy".  --JFKennedy

Did you enter the contest to name the submarine on the cover?


The winner was C.D. from San Bernandino, Ca.

Thanks to Keith Post, Director St. Mary's, Ga.  Submarine Museum for allowing me access to the museum archives to find the cover photo.


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